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SAT 課程詳細介紹 2018.11月版


1. 預測文章內容
2. 分辨文章目的(議論還是說明)
3. 重點摘要
4. 用脈絡猜字
5. 釐清句間關係
6. 分辨事實與論點
7. 推論
8. 理解語氣




Our SAT program focuses on equipping students with the abilities they need to excel in the test: reading and writing abilities. When preparing for the SAT, many students prioritize test-taking skills and strategies. However, it is my belief that developing reading and writing abilities should be at the core of any SAT prep program.
The SAT reading test is often the most dreaded section of the assessment. However, with the right set of skills, abilities, and attitudes, students can indeed succeed. It is proposed that in advanced level (which is the level of SAT), one’s foreign language reading ability is the combination of his or her native language reading ability and foreign language proficiency. Foreign language proficiency, to put it simply, may be determined by one’s knowledge of vocabulary words, chunks, and, to some extent, grammatical rules of the language. One the other hand, reading ability is generally believed to consist of the following skills:

1. anticipation
2. identifying the purpose of a given passage
3. summarization & identifying the main idea
4. vocabulary in context
5. identifying the relationship between sentences and paragraphs
6. distinguishing facts and opinions
7. making inferences
8. understanding the author's tone
These are exactly what the SAT reading test is designed to assess. Our SAT program recognizes the importance of these skills and excel at developing them in students in the context of a foreign language classroom.

The SAT writing test, on the other hand, is a multiple choice section that evaluates test takers' proficiency in English grammar, collocation, and paragraph structure. Students who wish to master this section should be able to write essays that are clear, logical, and incisive. Our SAT curriculum helps students develop these skills through both instruction and practice.

Our SAT curriculum is informed by academic research in second language acquisition and foreign language teaching and learning. The skills and abilities students develop in our SAT program aren't only relevant to the SAT per se. They form the foundation of one's success in college, graduate school, and beyond.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Sean 老師

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